Alternate Dispute Resolution

Neutral Evaluations / Professional Evaluations

Neutral Evaluators are appointed by the Department of Financial Services to provide an un-biased opinion for disputes on sinkhole related matters that are non-binding. Professional Evaluations are binding Neutral Evaluations that are NOT administrators by DFS.





Expert Witness

As an expert witness, the special knowledge for a specific subject matter is used to provide a professional opinion and / or testimony related to that specialized subject. SEI’s Engineers have served as an Expert Witness in thousands of matters related to Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Roofing, Building Envelope, Failure, etc.




Repair Drawings With Cost Estimates

Foundation remediation and / or structural repair drawings can be created along with cost estimates to assist in findings.





Peer Review

A review of prior art is performed to provide recommendations for repair, existence or absence of sinkhole activity, existence or absence of structural damage and more.



Appraisal / Umpire

Appraisal is a form of alternate dispute resolution specific to property insurance claims. The senior partners routinely act as the appraiser for both insurance companies and Homeowners and after selected as umpires to served as the neutral at appraisal.







This is a form of alternative dispute resolution that is performed outside of the courts to resolve a dispute(s) utilizing the expertise of the arbitrator. Both senior partners at SEI are AAA certified arbitrators.



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