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Load / Field Testing

SEI routinely performs various types of on site load tests for verification on in-situ conditions these include but may not be limited to: pile load testing, roofing uplift testing and balcony guard rail / hand rail testing.





Pre-Purchase Inspections

These inspections are performed typically for a homeowner or bank to inspect the overall structure or specific areas of concern so that the buyer or seller is aware of any concerns or repairs that may be needed to the structure.




Value Engineering

Utilizing the code mandated loads, structural drawings can be value engineered to remove excess material and structural elements that are not necessary and reduce the cost of the project.





Continuing Education

Approve CEU’s courses for insurance adjusters, contractor, building inspectors, architects, condominium associations managers, building officials. See our Events page for upcoming public CEU’s events.



Vibration Monitoring

Specialized vibratory monitoring equipment is used to detect the vibrations created from construction activities such as vibratory rollers and pile driving machines.






Instrumentation / Monitoring

Instruments are set up to monitor specific changes in materials or structures including but not limited to temperature and movement.



ICF Engineering

Drawings for insulated concrete forms (ICF) can be designed and created for new projects or prior to construction as a delegated engineering portion of the project. This product is also used on green building projects.






Concrete Testing

Slump and Strength Tests can be performed on concrete during new construction projects.









Structural Scan

The Structure Scan is a ground penetrating radar system which can be used to locate rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, and determine concrete slab thickness.








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